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We had planned on retiring sometime this year bit all has changed with the Covid thing. SO, business as usual for 2020

Rental Returns


What to do at the end of the year with your rental instrument.

The most important thing is to let us know your plans! Whether you are going to keep it as your player is continuing next year or bringing it back because they are going to do something else contact us please!


DO not expect your band teacher to take care of this for you! They are very busy people at the end of the year and it is easy to forget that Johnny is not playing next year and his instrument should be in the pile. Remember that you are responsible for the rental fees until it is back in our possession.

We offer out of town pick up services and contacting us insures that we will go looking for the instrument in the band room and let you know if it was not there for pickup, avoiding extra charges as you are responsible for the time the instrument is in your possession.

Your rental is rent to own if you wish to purchase it. Call the store and we will be glad to calculate it for you. Apply your monthly fee (this does not include the insurance fee) against the instrument value on your contract and take 25% off declining balance. This gives a cash buyout amount.


Pretty simple…email is the best as everybody has record of what needs to be done.

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