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The Repair Shop

Kelly first walked into the repair shop at Ward Music in 1979 where he was to spend the next 8 years working under Morrie Backun and Victor Zalamea, 2 veteran repair technicians. Kelly and his wife,Dawn, opened VWREED in 1987in Kelown and have continually striven to provide honest work for a fair price. This strategy has apparently worked as VWReed just completed 23 years in business. We do standard school service work as well as professional brass and reed repairs. We have a state of the art Ultrasonic Acid Bath for brass cleaning (check the video !) and do all woodwind overhaul work on Vintage and more modern instruments.

Ultrasonic Acid Bath in Action

This is what comes out of your brass instrument

when it is ultrasonically cleaned.


Many thanks to all my customers!

as it is you that makes

Valley Wind & Reed

what it is...

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