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Our Horn Heaven

We fix band instruments,

We rent band instruments,

We buy and sell used band instruments,

We sell new band instruments.

(we're rather fixated on Band Instruments!)

The official motto of Valley Wind & Reed is

"if you can't spit in it, it ain't musical"

We carry Eastman instruments including Amadeus flutes.

We carry Jupiter Instruments

We are proud to be the areas exclusive Cannonball Dealer.


Contact us at

info (AT)


1731 Dolphin Ave

Kelowna BC Canada

V1Y 8A6

(local) 250-860-7879

(toll free) 1-888-818-4949

Normal hours

9:30-5 Tuesday thru Friday

10:30-4 on Saturdays

Closed Sunday and Monday

Thanks to Robert Porter for the pictures of his Rationale Alto

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