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Pleased to announce we now have

La Tromba T2 Valve Oil !!

This is the oil the local Symphony players have been after me to get and finally it is here...


Just some of the things we carry:

Hetman Oils (Classic, Light, Regular)

Hetman Lubricants ( Slide oils, Tuning slide grease etc)

Blue Juice Oil

Al Cass Oil

Neotech HandWraps

Trumpet Leadpipe Swabs

Reka Trombone Slide Lube

Slide-O-Mix Lube ( and Xtra "little bottles")



Contact us at

info1 AT


1731 Dolphin Ave

Kelowna BC Canada

V1Y 8A6

(local) 250-860-7879

(toll free) 1-888-818-4949